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Brent Beckley


Brent Beckley is an experienced senior executive that is insistent on world-class customer experience. At Beckley & Company, the consulting firm that Brent founded in 2013, he leads an expert team that develops strategies to help corporate clients optimize the systems and processes that cultivate customer relationships. Brent and his team help corporate executives with an evaluation process that identifies erosion in areas of customer loyalty, quantifies the cost impact, and devises and implements system adjustment to reduce costs, grow revenue and increase profits.

Brent's expertise includes and e-commerce system optimization, management of new business development, product development, change management, software design, call-center management, process improvement, and making key business decisions with the use of comprehensive analytics. He also has experience in private equity markets, helping forge key partnerships between a diverse network of institutional investors and start-ups seeking capital.

More than 10 years ago, Brent started out as a pioneer in the rapid-growth world of online poker. Along the way he developed a passion for global e-commerce platform strategy and became uniquely adept at creating excellence and efficiency within business operations. Brent served as Director of Global Operation and E-Commerce for Blanca Games, Inc. where he headed multinational business operations for an online provider of casino games. He maximized efficiencies in transaction routing and payment processing for more than $5 Billion in volume. He designed and coordinated the development of the e-commerce platform that integrated more than 150 payment providers and optimized custom back-office functionality for more than eight million users. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Brent designed and implemented effective risk management tools and procedures to keep chargebacks and transactional risk at a minimum.

Brent was also a cofounder of Absolute Poker, building the company from inception to a global giant with six multinational offices, 700 employees and $250M in gross annual revenue. He played a pivotal role in the $130M acquisition of a leading competitor and was centrally responsible for the smooth integration of operations, technology platforms, risk management and customer processes.

Brent is a graduate from the University of Montana and lives with his wife and two children in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is simple: client satisfaction. We are committed to keeping our clients satisfied with the value that we bring to their organization and bottom line. By working together with our clients to assess their needs from the start, Beckley & Company is able to commit to guaranteed client satisfaction through improvement benchmarks and project milestones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with perspective that we have gained from our broad network of industry experts. By empowering our clients with the experience, knowledge and tools needed to improve their customer experience, we make our clients more competitive and capable of achieving their true potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is one of organizational harmony, where customer service really performs outstanding service and e-commerce isn’t a hurdle for end users, but rather a seamless means for customers to get exactly what they want, when they want it, with zero frustration. Our vision is a world where no customer is frustrated by a sub-par user experience when buying what they want from our clients. Completely satisfied customers are truly Customers for Life, which ultimately help improve our clients’ bottom line – making everyone happier and the world a better place.